The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.
Reflection on the course and all the concepts coming with it!

I took this class for the wrong reasons, but rightly so! And I explain: I could see the second COVID wave coming and I knew I would spend a lot of my time at home, so I saw this course as a way of adding an additional social activity in my “quarantine” life, without any more expectations, but rather bonus whatever extra comes with it. 

At the beginning of the course I realized that the activities I had to participate in, as well as the blogging, were too much of a price to pay for socializing! However, from the first week I met an amazing group of people, the people in my group (PBL07)! The group was so diverse in so many aspects, but at the same time the chemistry was so good that made these meetings very enjoyable and at the same time I was taking so many lessons from them, not only for teaching but for life! And I thank them for that! 

All our assignments ended up in challenges that took me out of my comfortable zone! Nevertheless, I missed being a student and I missed taking assignments in a team; and I could not ask for a better team (and I did not emphasize this enough!). Every week, the scenario and discussions within the group, would open up a new dimension of a world/concept I haven’t thought of before! All these raised several questions and the need to participate in a community that will make this world a better place through education! Already, I am thinking of the next steps; this community that is growing should go beyond this course, far beyond! And hence the saying by Confucius!

I am grateful for opening up those dimensions and I am happy I took this course, even for the wrong reasons! Beyond all these that the course represented and “unleashed”, I made some good friends, with which I wish to keep in touch for life!

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